Bringing AI to rental property markets

Rental property markets need Sopia. We will make the markets smarter, change the renting culture and lift the industry’s standards by bringing AI to rental property markets.

Our activities and achievements

Congratulations to Sopia’s team member Lidia Borisova for winning an entrepreneurship award in September, 2019.

In September 2019, Sopia was in World Summit on Digital Built Environment (WDBE 2019) to promote bringing AI to the rental housing market. View our presentation here.

In 2018, Sopia was one of the finalists in Kiradigi Betoniluola pitching event organized by Finnish Ministry of the Environment in cooperation with Finnish Business Angels FiBAN and the Venture Capital Association. Check out our project details here.

Our team

Founder & sales  Tea Jarma-Vartiainen
Founder & advisor  Perttu Kähäri
Founder, market & product development  Jaana Sampolahti 

Algorithm expert  Hannu Vartiainen
Service designer  Lidia Borisova
International markets  Thu Minh Dang
International markets  Marika Staljon-Bührer
AI  Teemu Turpeinen

Partner  Vertics